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Gator Sorb




                               OIL GATOR®

Natures Way to Bioremediate Hydrocarbons

Oil Gator is an “ALL NATURAL” biocatalyst. Oil Gator does NOT contain any manmade,cultured or genetically alteredmicro-organisms. Oil Gator contains all the natural ingredients necessaryto accelerate the indigenous microbes to apoint where they will rapidly degradate unwanted hydrocarbons. Oil Gator uses nature's methods and materials to control and remediate hydrocarbons. No harm will ever be done to the environment by the use of Oil Gator.

·           Comes in a 30 pound bag for ease of handling and storage.

Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products.

Lightweight - which will lower the cost of transportation.

Ground cleaning by accelerating bioremediation.

·           Stops leaching of spills into the soil or groundwater.


1.  Fuel, Oil and Grease Spills. Apply Oil Gator directly to new
or old spills in soil. Area will turn light color and vegetation

will resume growth in 4 to 6 weeks.

2.  Volatile Liquid Spills. Apply Oil Gator directly to spill to suppress

3.  Landfarming. Oil Gator will assist bioremediation of fuels, oils,

and greases while providing maximum groundwater protection.


1.  Spills in Soil: Till or rake Oil Gator directly into the spill

until area is light colored. Let
sit 12 hours then

thoroughly wet down with water. Keep area moist for 120


2.  Surface Spills: Completely cover volatile liquid spilled

to suppress vapors. Do not
sweep until Oil Gator has

absorbed liquid.

3.  Bioremediation: Normally one bag per cubic yard/meter.

Please contact your sales
representative for application

protocol based upon the contaminant.

* Performance range: pH of 4.5 plus
* Effective Temperatures 40oF-1 20oF (5oC-50oC)

* All Natural

* Non-toxic

* Biodegradable

Distributed by Production Enhancement Systems and supported by:


A private/public partnership of the Alternative Agricultural
and Research Commercialization (AARC) Corporation, a
wholly-owned government Corporation of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture.


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