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Air Foamer

Air Drillers Mist / Foamer HD with Corrosion Inhibitor

BEADLEJUICE Air Drillers Mist / Foamer HD with Corrosion Inhibitor is an all purpose air drilling surfactant specially blended to meet your every need. This highly active surfactant easily handles all water conditions along with oil, efficiently lifting cuttings (through mist or foam) from your well bore.


Product Specifications:

                                                                  Property                                      Specification


Specific Gravity (at 20o C)


Flash Point

>100o C

pH (5% solution)

7 – 8

Charge in Solution


Solubility in Water



Completely Biodegradable


Viscous pale to amber liquid



BEADLEJUICE Air Drillers Mist / Foamer HD with Corrosion Inhibitor has the following functions:

·         Combines a drilling mist/foaming agent with a corrosion inhibitor. Only one product to order, store and mobilize to location!

·         The corrosion agent is already pre-mixed at the concentration, eliminating (accidental) over dosage and the additional costs.

·         Mixed directly in the mist pump tanks it also eliminates large volumes of unused inhibited water in the rig tanks (where conventional inhibitors are usually added) when drilling has completed.

·         Generates stiff and stable foam, effectively carrying away cuttings to the surface and increasing rates.

·         Will suspend cuttings when circulation is stopped.

·         Has high flash point and is non-corrosive, resulting in safer drilling conditions.

·         Environmentally acceptable and readily biodegradable.

·         Maintains performance at down-hole temperature in access of 150o C.


Recommended Treatment:

BEADLEJUICE Air Drillers Mist / Foamer HD with Corrosion Inhibitor will generate stiff and stable foam. In general a dosage .05-1.5% is usually sufficient to obtain a suitable foam consistency with good corrosion protection. If very hard water is being used, it is recommended to pre-treat the water with soda ash. To control severe water influxes, increase foam concentration and decrease injection rate. The quantity used would be dependent on the drilling fluid system, drilling depth and equipment.



Packaged in 5 gallon poly pails, 55 gallon poly drums and 275 gallon poly tote tanks.


Restrictions and Handling Recommendations:

Not restricted by any regulatory agency. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product prior to use.

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